Millet Idli


There is nothing great about making Millet Idli. You just need to replace rice with millet and voila!!! The only issue with me is that I try to follow BED and hence have to minimize the use of lentils. Also I try to add some vegetable in the batter so that the amount of starches in each idli are proportionately reduced. Last Sunday, I had made these vegetable-millet idli with Brinjal Chutney, and it was loved by everyone in the house. The recipe I followed was like this……


Little millet brokens – 2.5 cups

Split Urad Daal – 1/2 cup

Fenugreek seeds – 2 tsp

Salt – as per taste

Shredded vegetables (Green beans, Green peas, Carrots, cabbage, a small piece of ginger and green chilies as per taste) – 3 cups

Coconut oil – for greasing the Idli moulds


  1. Soak millet, Urad daal and fenugreek seeds separately in enough water for at least 8 hours.
  2. Thoroughly wash millet and daal, drain and keep aside.
  3. Grind Daal with fenugreek seeds (alongwith its soaking water) to fine paste.
  4. Grind the millet to a coarse paste.
  5. Mix the pastes together and add salt as per taste.
  6. Keep this paste covered overnight to rise.


7. Add the shredded vegetables and adjust salt. Mix and keep batter for 15 minutes till you prepare for steaming the Idlis.


8. Grease the Idli moulds with coconut oil and place the batter in them. Steam till cooked and serve hot with your favorite chutney or Sambar.


I usually avoid Sambar as it will add to the lentil content of the meal. Any vegetable chutney should be fine. I admire people from Andhra Pradesh……..they are chutney experts. They will come up with so many ideas!!


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