The Candida Diet 2


This is further to my previous post…..

I have recently realized that interchanging my existing Lunch and Dinner menus would be a better idea. There are two reasons behind this;

1) Eating meat should be better during lunch as it takes time to digest, and it is recommended to eat concentrated protein meals, esp meats, during 11 am and 2 pm, as per Body ecology diet. Dinners are better off with an all vegetarian dishes and grains, which are properly cooked. It’s easier on our detox organs that way.

2) The whole family eats together at Dinner and they can relish more of Indian food, when they are  together.

I have made another change in the diet…..removed most of the flours, except little bit of chickpea flour as binder, sometimes. The reason behind this change is that, when we buy ready made flours, the grains are not soaked before grinding, which renders it difficult to digest, due to the presence of Phytic acid. Soaking the grains removes Phytic acid and hence the grains become more digestible. I generally soak my Millets and Quinoa for 12 hours, before cooking them. So, no more Rotis and Pooris!! My children and husband are obviously not happy about it, but they are compelled to eat as per the new diet rules…….I have just put my foot down!! Although I have promised them that they will get their Indian breads once in a while, on special occasions.

My new diet plan looks something like this now…….

7:30 am: Breakfast: Eggs + Veggies (variations in the sauce for stir fries) OR a single dish made with eggs and veggies+ Green smoothie (See my grain free breakfast posts)

There are some days when my folks want to eat grains in the Breakfast. Menu then changes as Quinoa and veggies upma/pulao and a smoothie, instead of eggs.

10:30 am: Snack 1: Flavored Almond milk  or a dessert made with almond milk and a veggie( I usually make Bottle Gourd kheer/halwa, Carrot kheer/halwa).

12:30 pm: Lunch: A veggie soup (you may use bone broth instead of water, for the soup) + Grilled Chicken or fish or any other chicken or fish main dish + stir fried veggies without any sauce + Raw salads (I generally make shredded salads with cucumber, carrots and radish, and an Apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing)

3:30 pm: Snack 2: Veggie cutlets, Savoury veggie pancakes or savoury muffins + herbal tea

6:30 pm Dinner: Boiled millets + thin Daal soup with veggies or greens + 2 types of veg dishes (contains at least 4-5 types of veggies)

BED stage 1 dinner

9:00 pm: Snack 3: (In case my kid stays awake till then; and otherwise for other folks in my house): An all vegetable soup like onion soup, Bottle gourd/Zucchini/squash/pumpkin soup, etc. One may choose to give bone broth soup too at this time. It is so very healing!!!

The MCT oil or VCO is of course an integral part of every main meal as mentioned in my previous post.

Hope this simplified version of our meal plan will make life a little easier for all my fellow moms. I will try to post the recipes of all dishes I make. Please give me some more time. We are moving to a new place and it may take some time for me to get back on track. Till then please give your suggestions and comments. I will try to incorporate all in my following posts.


2 thoughts on “The Candida Diet 2

  1. Your blog is great and all recipies are wonderful!
    I have a query here when you say millet ,does it mean Bajra(pearl millet) jowar or ragi(as all of these are called as millets)??waiting for your response…as cant wait to try the millet idly for my daughter who is too in the spectrum..

    1. Hi Deepti! good to know you liked my recipes. Yes they are all millets but I generally use little millet (Samai in Tamil) and Foxtail Millet. They give good texture to these idlis. I have not tried using Jowar, Bajra or ragi, but they might be fine too!

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